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Praise for "How to Speak Internet"

“Once upon a time, every traveler to a foreign land had a “common words and phrases” dictionary in their back pocket, which allowed people from one culture to speak to people from another. But cultures vary over time as well as space, and although the natives of different generations may live and work on the same block and in the same building, they speak in different tongues. “How to Speak Internet” cracks the code of the world’s newest language, spoken naturally by the youngest of us and not at all (or with a really bad accent) by everyone else. Funny, hip, irreverent, and informative, this book is an IG2F. (That is, an “Indispensable Guide to the Future.” How come you didn’t know that?)."

Daniel Gilbert; Edgar Pierce Professor of Psychology, Harvard University; author of the New York Times best-seller "Stumbling on Happiness"

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